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This is the site of Dr. Robert B. Bates DC, MMQ, an avid Qigong practitioner, Qigong teacher, and Qigong healer. Robert is also a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Medical Qigong Therapist, and Lymph Drainage (Dray nahj) Therapist.

Good Qi to You

A Blog and a Website

This website is divided into two main parts: An ongoing blog of articles and announcements and regular web pages with information. Go to the Master List of Principle Articles page to scan the list of posts. See the “Pages” section to the right for more information.

This website and blog is all about the great healing and movement art known as Qigong (say “chee gung.”) Qigong is a an Ancient (and modern) approach to wellness and healing. In fact, it has been used as a primary healthcare for thousands of years.

See the Master List of Principle Articles from the Blog

The Fun with Qigong website celebrates and elucidates the power of Qigong for self-healing. Learning new exercises, sets or forms—or deepening your understanding of a move—or set is satisfying, and good for you. Qigong is fun to practice.

On this site, in both the blog posts and pages, are descriptive articles of Qigong, explanations of Qi and Qigong, photos of exercises, videos, exercise suggestions, and even a few opinions. There is an ever-growing collection of self-empowering exercises, prescriptions for all kinds health issues.

Fun with Qigong Qigong DVD

The Fun with Qigong DVD is available by clicking the Buy Now button below. This DVD is an excellent introduction to the fascinating and energizing world of Qigong. It is only $19.95 (U.S.) plus shipping. These exceptional healing exercises are easy to learn and gentle on the body, suitable for almost anyone.

Delightful Dozen DVD

If you have learned the Five Flows Qigong, the Delightful Dozen will expand and deepen your skill. If you haven’t learned the Five Flows, you might want to go back and learn it first.

The Delightful Dozen is slightly more advanced than the Five Flows, but you can learn it as a first set if you choose. It is also an introductory set for Qigong.

In terms of the flows of Qi as defined on my Fun With Qigong: Five Flows DVD, the Delightful 12 is mostly balancing, with some charging and some centering.

For this video I again take out mysteriousness and make Qigong as accessible as it truly can be. With principles taught on the DVD, you can gain great benefits from a regular Qigong practice.

I hope you gain rich rewards from your learning, practice and eventual mastery of the Delightful Dozen.

If you want the DVD you can pay through Paypal, or with a credit card.It is just $19.95 plus $3.99 shipping and handling.

Delightful Dozen DVD


Upcoming Courses in Whatcom County, WA

2015 Series E

To Sign Up for Classes: (360) 398-7466, or email

Two Locations and Five Weekly Classes

Come to any or all for the same price.

Axton Road: 1095 East Axton Road. North of Bellingham, WA

When: Monday and Wednesday Afternoons, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. Note the New Day.

-and- Monday Evenings from 6:00 to 7:00

Sign Up: (360) 398-7466, or rbbatesdc@comcast.net


Lynden: Body in Balance Studio

8837 Guide Meridian, Lynden, WA 98264

When: Tuesday and Thurs Afternoons, 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Sign Up: (360) 354-0359


Tuesday, September 08 to Thursday, Oct 30, 2015
Old Man Looking at the Reflection of the Moon in the Tide Pool (Healing Sounds)
Simple Taiji (Tai Chi) (Formal Sequence)

New Price: $88 for the Eight Week Series.

Note: No class on Labor Day (Sept 7).


Taiji (Tai Chi)

The practice of Taiji is much more than a health exercise. It is a moving meditation, an ever-moving succession of healing motions, a deeply-layered mine of precious ore, a never-ending book of teachings, a builder of character, an intellectual exploration, a training of the wandering mind, a reorganizer of the chaotic body, a calming down of the spirit, a bringer of natural rhythms, a tool for understanding yourself. It is a practical and philosophical way to deal with the river flow of life, the vicissitudes of change and ceaseless flow. It is an ocean of possibilities. It is a mini-galaxy in a self-contained orbit in the greater universe.


Qigong is training your body, mind, breath and energy to work together in gentle, self-healing ways. It is an ancient practice developed in China through continuous generations of practice through four  millennia. Book Dragon Qigong (Robert’s approach) is an integrated system of gentle self- healing movements drawn from a wide array of ancient and modern practices from China; from the science of the West; from healing systems both Eastern and Western; and from his personal experience in teaching Qigong since 1996.


2015 Series F (seven-week series)

Monday, Nov 2 to Thursday, Dec 17, 2015
Taoist Five Yin and Yang Plus (Movement Set)
Simple Tai Chi (Taiji) (Formal Sequence)

Cost: $77.