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This is the site of Dr. Robert B. Bates DC, MMQ, an avid Qigong practitioner, Qigong teacher, and Qigong healer. Robert is also a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic, a Cranio-Sacral Therapist, Medical Qigong Therapist, and a teacher of Lymph Drainage Therapy and Fluid Articular Release for the Chikly Health Institute.

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This website and blog is all about the great healing and movement art known as Qigong (say “chee gung.”) Qigong is a an Ancient (and modern) approach to wellness and healing. In fact, it has been used as a primary healthcare for thousands of years.

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The Fun with Qigong website celebrates and elucidates the power of Qigong for self-healing. Learning new exercises, sets or forms—or deepening your understanding of a move—or set is satisfying, and good for you. Qigong is fun to practice.

On this site, in both the blog posts and pages, are descriptive articles of Qigong, explanations of Qi and Qigong, photos of exercises, videos, exercise suggestions, and even a few opinions. There is an ever-growing collection of self-empowering exercises, prescriptions for all kinds health issues.

March 28, 2020: Do Qigong

The Covid-19 pandemic grows, as everybody knows. Each day I read of the need for social distancing and of the troubles that are arising in various hot spots in the world. This is a good time to be learning and practicing Qigong.If you are working in an essential industry, you need it. If you have extra time on your hands, now is the opportunity to jump into the Qigong ring. Everyone I know who has successfully started and continued a Qigong practice reports many healthful benefits.

I have just uploaded my DVD on the Five Flows Qigong set. I used to sell these DVD’s. It is a set of  12 simple and physically easy movements that gently open the flows of the body.

It is uploaded into three videos. The first two are teaching videos where I explain how to do the set. The third link is a follow-along video, a shorter one.







Once you learn the set, you don’t need video to practice.

You might also check out Super Gentle Qigong.

Super Gentle Qigong Set Video

Good luck and good health and happy practices,

Robert Bates


Robert Bates is currently on sabbatical from teaching public courses in order to focus on some personal Qigong training, professional study, and his busy professional healing practice.