Here’s a Quick Way to Feel Better

Breathe When You Type

Notice how you breathe when you are typing. Years ago, when I was first struggling with the confounding intricacies of computers (mostly with learning MS Word), I noticed I tended to stop breathing at the keyboard. This got me tense and frustrated and tired. I resolved to consciously breathe when working at the computer. I began to remind myself over and over and over to breathe. I would say, “I breathe when I type, I breathe when I think, I breathe when I write.” It took me two years to build the habit where I did breathe well at the keyboard. I still must remind myself now and then. Good breathing takes a conscious effort, an involvement of awareness and a desire. These days, I’m lot happier on the keyboard and I get my breath practice at the same time as I type.

Free Medicine

There is no reason not to breathe while looking at a computer screen. Just utilize a small portion of your awareness toward keeping your breath deep, easy, full, slow, and constant. You will have more energy, be more relaxed, and heal all kinds of little ills. You will feel better.

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