I Healed My Smashed Toe with Qigong

A Small Accident

Recently I had a small accident. It wasn’t a great tragedy, as accidents go, but I didn’t like it. I managed to tip a heavy space heater onto my big toe. The space heater looks like a modern apartment building, tall and skinny. This metal radiator is just short of 2 feet tall and is 14 inches wide. It weighs close to 30 pounds and has a “steel fin design.” I learned about those steel fins. The edge of one of the fins hit right on the big knuckle of my left great toe. I received a half-inch long cut right over that knuckle. This cut came without the thick cotton sock even being ripped.

I Couldn’t Walk Without Limping

I proceeded to do the usual jumping up and down one does after getting a toe squashed. I feared it was broken, but it was not; just badly abused by the smash. (By the way, you can tell if a bone is broken by placing the single end of a vibrating tuning fork on the bone. If you scream, its broken.) That evening I could only hobble, using just part of my foot to walk. My toe didn’t want any pressure on it at all. I iced it, as is good to do with an acute injury: It brings the swelling down. I then rubbed some arnica salve on it, which I think helped ease it some. Though I knew my toe wasn’t broken, I was concerned that it might take a month or two to heal, based on how tender it was.

Weekly Qigong Partner Training

The next morning I had my weekly Qigong and Tai chi practice with my training partner Bob Shapiro. I knew I wasn’t up to our regular level of activity. We usually practice both standing-in-place exercises and forms that move over a lot of floor space. I could do none of that with an almost-broken, thoroughly sad toe joint. I was still hobbling, able to put no pressure on the toe. I stutter-stepped to the practice space, putting all the weight on my left leg onto the heel and outer foot.

Sitting Qigong

Here’s how we decided to practice that day. Instead of standing and moving techniques, I did all seated practices. Bob did some standing and some seated work. He was dealing with a thick cold that day and was quite stuffed up. (I’ll talk about healing colds in a later blog post.)
Our practice consisted of many Qi cleansing, charging and balancing exercises. All of these involved gentle body movements. We did:

  • Six healing sounds with riffing to clear stagnation
  • Breathing fresh Qi into each of the organs
  • Gentle tapping of the body (Outer Qi Shower)
  • The White Butterfly (a Lung Qi opener)
  • Hun Yuan balancing Qigong
  • Several types of Kidney Charging
  • Lymph Drainage of the head and neck
  • And I brushed the Qi and lymph up my left leg

Whole Body Healing

As you can see by the exercises, I did very little work directly on the leg. One of the principles of healing is that the body is all one unit. Helping the functioning of the Liver or the Lungs or the lymph, makes the whole body work better. There is then room enough for the body to go about healing at a greater pace.

By practicing Qigong that got me relaxed, recharged and rebalanced, my whole body was better. I had feelings of pleasant fullness, warm hands, an easy and deep breathing, and a quiet mind.

I know of these types of effects happening from healing. As a professional, pondering healer I make it a practice of telling my clients about such principles. I say that healing one part of the body will help the whole heal better. Likewise, healing the greater whole will help an particular area in need. Yet I am still surprised sometimes.

I Was Amazed!

Surprised? I was astounded! Within a couple hours after the Qigong practice with Bob, my toe was incredibly better. I had expected a long, low-altitude arc of healing. Instead there was this steep rise. My toe felt maybe 50% more at ease. I could walk on it some. Within three more days I was able to work outside, chopping and transporting firewood. Only a small amount of tenderness remained. Interestingly, there was no bruise when the toe was in the most pain, early on. By day four or five, a great yellow and plum bruise of about 2 inches in circumference had arisen.

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