The Secret Practice of Wealth

Invest in Health

I don’t know how healthy banks are in these days of fiscal repression or pre-depression or whatever is happening with the stormy weathers of the financial oceans; nor what monetary, medical or livelihood issues may loom for regular folks out there. I do know that practicing Qigong is free. You might pay for lessons or study materials, maybe spend a little for travel to a class. But that isn’t much. And your practice at home is free. It costs nothing and will save you money in health costs. It is like money in the bank (a solvent one.) It is a personal health savings account and an investment in your future.

The Good Life

Your personal health savings account acquired from Qigong practice (this currency is sometimes called Qi) can’t be sold to third party lenders, or redistributed to chancy schemes with memes that are as evanescent as fog. Ponzi scams masquerading as investment advice cannot steal the interest gathered from Qigong practice. Getting your Qigong in daily is one way you “pay yourself first”, which is the old principle of personal savings. Except with Qigong, your coin is in not monetary or real estate assets, but in the richness of feeling good in your body, mind and soul. You can walk down to the park and have yourself a prosperous time breathing in and out the fresh air, while gently moving your body. This is a genuine, natural opulence that you get to luxuriate in. This is the good life.

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