Three Little Words Can Change Your Life

Physical Joy

The essence to having a life-altering, health-supporting practice can be condensed into three words. These three words are reminders of the first three principles of Qigong. By utilizing these three principles, you can gain continuous benefits to your health and well-being.

The First Three Principles of Qigong

  1. Practice
  2. Modify
  3. Refine


“Practice” stands for having a daily practice of Qigong. If you practice, you reap rewards and build a great habit. If you don’t practice, there are no results. Missing practicing leads to forgoing Qigong altogether.


“Modify” stands for slightly altering any move if you find it too strenuous or difficult to do. If it hurts, back off from it, make it smaller, or change how you do it. If you don’t modify a problematic move, you perpetuate tension. By modifying a move to be within your safe limits, you stay relaxed and gain benefits.


“Refine” means you develop skill with the movements over time. You don’t just do the movements, but you massage them and bring more awareness of them. By refining, you create an upward cycle of improvement. You gain more and more from what you are doing.

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