Exercise with Ease

Qigong is one of the safest ways of exercising there is. Because of the soft approach I recommend, this practice gives healing results with few worries. Essentially, to practice Qigong in a safe and effective way; just take it easy.

Be Gentle

Most Qigong is meant to be gently expressed. Regulation of the body happens with a moderate approach to the exercises. This gentleness and ease is also one of the secrets of how Qigong works. When you relax, you let down defensive tension states inside your body. Instead of unconsciously resisting health, you open to the gentle whispers, the subtle messages that inform and change your physiology in the moment, and heal concretizations of old injuries and bad habits.

Do Less to Gain More

If something you are doing hurts in some way or doesn’t feel right, back away from it. Do that movement with less force, or in a smaller way. Or perhaps don’t do that move at all. For instance, if your knees hurt when you bend them, consider bending them less. If breathing deeply makes you dizzy, it might be because you are breathing in excess of what your body is ready to do.

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