“People just have to get used to it.”

Wild Goose and the Biker

When I was performing the Wild Goose Qigong practice last Sunday, I did it on a former logging road that is now used as a hiking, horseback riding and biking trail. Sure enough, a bicyclist on his mountain bike came riding by when I was in the middle of “The First 64”. Many internal arts exercise can look strange to the average American. I try to avoid doing these type of forms in public places. I don’t do them to show off to strangers, I do them because they are such effective ways to health and happiness. I guess I’m a little shy. (But showing off to friends or students is okay.) In the cities of China, you find the parks full of people doing odd-looking movement practices outside. Not yet in America.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Since it is important to be aware of your surroundings as you practice, I kept an eye on the bicyclist who rode by me as I was practicing the form. He looked straight ahead, avoiding looking at me. Maybe I should have stopped my practice to deal with this little distraction, but I wanted to get it done and this was my opportunity. He road past me, continuing on his exercise: I continued my form to completion.

Get Used to It

I jokingly mentioned this small incident to one of my students. She said something true: “People just have to get used to it.”

Promoting Qigong

She’s right. This is a one of the great ways we can add to our lives, and a way increasingly important in the over-stimulating cacophony of the modern, electro-chemical-financial world that is the technoculture we live in. We as a culture–and as individuals–need Qigong and similar internal-energy building practices. Many people are going to be doing these types of exercises. It is a necessary step in preserving health and wealth. I hope soon we will be seeing such exercises being performed all over the place. It will be a common sight; expected, understood and accepted.

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