Release Fear and Tension

Remember to Shake

A client of mine–Peg–told me this story recently. Upon hearing that it was 5 degrees below zero in the town they were planning on vacationing in, Peggy began getting worried. She and her husband were traveling there in just a couple of days.

But then she caught herself. “Wait a minute. I don’t have to go into fear and tension. I don’t have to repeat my worry pattern.” She remembered hearing on the Fun With Qigong DVD, that “If you can’t remember anything else about Qigong, remember to shake.”

Think Clearly

So she went in to the other room and started bouncing up and down. The Shaking the Body exercise soon released the tension and broke the fearful train of thought. Soon she felt calmer and more at ease in her body. She begin to think about the upcoming trip more clearly, and with her solution skills enabled. She was able to think up several ways to deal with cold weather she had not thought of and realized that the cold weather was probably about to break anyway.

Improve Your Day

Qigong can be used in these simple ways, everyday to improve your day. Sometimes taking one exercise and using it in a key moment can shift your whole day for the better. Sometimes, it may make an entire week of your life more fun, livable, and memorable. I’m going to shake right now; I could use it.

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