The Three Intentional Corrections

“The Three Intentional Corrections” is the name of a simple and valuable health practice that you can apply throughout the day. It is a method of shifting yourself into a higher and more healthful state of being. It is a quick, mini-practice that you can use for getting back on track at any time.

All you do is ask yourself three questions, then respond with the appropriate shift.

You ask:

  • How is my posture?
  • How is my breathing?
  • How is my consciousness?

Shift Your Posture

For the posture question, you may find yourself slumping at the keyboard, leaning on one leg too much, locking your knees, tightening your head, etc. When you notice a posture problem just: Unslump, balance the lean, release the knee lock, or relax the head.

With better posture you will gain energy, avoid structural problems, and be more present.

Checking in and shifting again and again throughout each day will have long-term benefits in how you feel, how you operate in the world, and in maintaining health.

Shift Your Breathing

After the breathing query you may find yourself with such problems as restraining your breath, breathing high in the chest instead of in the lower torso, straining the shoulders or neck, or breathing too swiftly. Inhale a deep, full, easy breath as best as you are able.

Cultivating a habit of empowered breathing will help with energy levels, immune function, thinking clarity, mental calm, relaxation and much more. Good breathers live longer too.

Shift Your Consciousness

A look at consciousness means: Where is your mind? Are you, as most of us are in America, overly-entrenched in your brain?

You might notice sometimes that when you try to think something through you put a lot of energy into the head. This actually takes you away from the truth of the present into our memories, beliefs, fears, and rationalizations.

You want to have your consciousness in your entire body, equally strong in all parts. Withdrawing awareness from parts of yourself leads to physical problems and lessens your unique intelligence. I’ve noticed this problematic pattern many times with clients in my healing practice.

Make the shift, relax the energy down (if it is indeed packed in the head), and think from  your body, with the brain as part of the body, not the master with all the power.

Repetition Makes Natural Feel Normal

One of the reasons for applying the Three Intentional Corrections regularly is that our habits of being usually take magnitudes of repetition to break and change. If not changed, then our bodies, breathing, and mind sink into ruts that are difficult to lift out of. They cement into patterns that feel natural but are not.

Repeatedly enacting intentional shifts begins to retrain you toward a more holistic, balanced, and effective ways of being.

Eventually you may find yourself practicing the Three Intentional Corrections in a smooth, single flow to bring yourself back to balance. You will shift your posture as you inhale in a breath, then exhale your consciousness into your whole body.

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