Old Dog, Young Puppy

Honoring Kiya

For those of you who have been to our place you probably remember our Alaskan Malamute Kiya. Kiya was a superb greet dog, always excited to meet and re-meet people who drove up to Axton Gardens. She would often hustle up to a car as it drove into the parking lot and do her “whoo” Malamute howl at the driver’s side door. She wanted people to get out right now to pet her.

Kiya with Robert in 2008

Kiya with Robert in 2007

We had to put Kiya down this spring. She was some 13 years old and quite creaky in her last years. We believe that Kiya, in her previous home, probably didn’t get much exercise. Her joints were a pain to her for years with us. It is so important to get that exercise early in life and all through life.

Kiya was a loyal, friendly, gentle, people-loving, petting-loving companion for many years and we will miss her.

New Pup

Serendipitously, as Kiya’s health was failing, my sister’s dog–a full Malamute herself–managed to get out of the fenced yard. She was gone for a week and came back pregnant. We didn’t expect to get a puppy so soon after Kiya’s passing, but there he was. Just two weeks after we buried our dog, we drove to my sister’s house and came home with the cutest puppy in the litter.

New Greet Dog

So if you come to our place there is a a new greet dog in training. We’ve named him Ponderosa because he is both thoughtful (pondering) and going to be a big boy. From the clues of his build and behavior we are pretty certain his father is a Newfoundland. Ponderosa loves water (and mud), has webbed feet, has a crook in his tail, a large head and huge front paws–all Newfie signs.



Looking through a basket

Looking through a basket

Wearing a basket

Wearing a basket

Ponderosa on a water rock

Ponderosa napping on a wet rock

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