Pay Attention to Your Feet

Right Now, Do a Little Awareness Experiment

Noticing both your feet and your head, how much of your awareness is in your feet and how much in your head, percentage-wise? In other words, are you balanced, top and bottom?

Most people I’ve talked to say they have anywhere from 60 to 90 percent of their awareness in their heads. This means, they are not balanced energetically, magnetically or consciously. They have much more awareness in the moment up top. They have more energy in their upper bodies than lower.

Whole Body Balance

It is a cardinal rule of Qigong that balance is a must for healthy, whole living.

50/50 is Nifty

It might sound obvious to pay attention to your feet, yet I find it common for people to be doing the opposite. Often people are so much in their heads, that their feet are afterthoughts, follow-alongs. They trip along on them, bidding them to get them from one place to another with hardly a parcel of awareness devoted to them. They become top-heavy energetically, emotionally, and physically.

Ideally, you should–in this moment and all moments–be as aware of the feet as the head.

Even when you are involved in thinking, you want to stay in your body to do it. Ironically, people think more completely and with greater intuition when they do so with their whole body.

Head-only thinking tends to lead to tension, stress, incompleteness of thought, and myriad physical discomforts.

Tottering Leads to Doddering

If you are often tottering in headiness, your lower body is being neglected. The gains and knowledge of civilization that reside in your brain are important. But they cannot exist without the animalian body that is represented and carried by your legs and feet.

This feet unawareness is indicative of being way too much in the head, a cultural hazard of being in the modern world. You think, think, think so much that you create whirlpools, backwater eddies, chaotic waves and splash-smashing waterfalls in your brain, taking you out of your body; out of being integrated between nature, thought, and awareness.

Joyful Genius

Genius is in internal integration. Joy is in internal integration.

Prevent Craziness

In the long-term, head-centric states of being lead to many mental health issues, such as confusion, uncertainty, bleariness, and mental weariness. I believe that ultimately, many psycho-physical problems such as mania, depression, lying, denying, schizophrenia, and dementia are (at least partially) the results.

Bringing more attention to the feet than you have had can recenter you and take you away from incipient or current craziness.

Focus on Your Feet in All Activities

Focus on how your feet are, whether you are sitting, standing, walking, or even lying down. Putting attention and energy into your feet helps balance the attention-energy of the whole body. It roots you to the ground, improves coordination, and lessens the likelihood of a fall while walking.

Pay attention to your feet and let cares and tensions melt down your body, through the feet into the earth. Let your feet be as awake as your brain and your entire body and being benefit.

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  1. gordana curgus said,

    November 9, 2009 @ 12:43 pm

    This is eye opener for me…to much swirls in my head…I’ll start putting more attention to my dear feet…

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