Save Yourself from a Lighting Strike

In the Cliff Mass Weather Blog are some life-saving ideas about how to survive a lightning storm if caught out in the open. Basically, get away from any tall objects, including trees and hills. Then crouch down and cover your ears.

I’ve done healing work with people who have been struck by lightning. Their bodies tend to be super-over-sensitive to any input and easily go into chaos instead of integration. It can be difficult to fully heal from even a peripheral lightning strike. I suggest avoiding lighting if it arises above you.

The Lightning Crouch position shown on the Cliff Mass blog post is remarkably similar to a to move in Wild Goose Qigong called “Return Qi and Fall Asleep. ” This is the penultimate move of the major form, The First 64. I’m not sure of the significance of this. I do know that Wild Goose Qigong was developed in the high Kunlun Mountains of Western China–where presumably there were many storms.

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