Natural Healing Methods Work

An article in the New York Times describes how a frozen shoulder patient used his malady as a prod to look at how 10 different countries treat such a symptom. The patient is a writer named T.R. Reid. He used his experiences to write a book–The Healing of America–about the underlying policies of each of these countries.

If you know even a little about modern medicine in the USA, you will correctly guess that, an American orthopedist went straight to recommending shoulder replacement surgery.

While this book is mostly about particular national health policies and approaches (from what I read in the review of the book), some underlying philosophies of health seep out.

To pull a quotation from the from the book review:

In an Ayurvedic hospital in India, a regimen of meditation, rice, lentils and massage paid for entirely out of pocket, $42.85 per night, led to “obvious improvement in my frozen joint,” Mr. Reid writes, adding, “To this day, I don’t know why it happened.”

Maybe he should research a book about “…why it happened.”

And then make policy recommendations.

As important as insurance is, healing is not about insurance.

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