Reduce Stress with Belly Breathing Video

Breathe with Your Diaphragm

In the 3:42 video below on belly breathing, I talk about the importance of breathing with the diaphragm muscle inside of the body.

Instead of using the muscles of the ribs, chest, shoulders or neck to bring air into your body–an inefficient, tension-producing approach–use the muscle designed to get you lots of air: the diaphragm.

The Diaphragm is Dome-Like

The diaphragm is a thick, circular muscle that adheres to the inside of your ribcage. It is below the heart and lungs; and above the liver and organs of the abdomen. When you inhale, it expands downward, like a dome. This pulls air into your body.

The stronger and more trained it is, the better you breathe: You get more of the dome-like, downward expansion. The farther it expands downward, the more air you pull into your lungs and body.

Here is a website with some drawings and a moving animation of a diaphragm.

Relax and Expand

When you inhale with the diaphragm while relaxing everything else, two obvious results happen with your body:

  1. Your belly expands.
  2. Your shoulders don’t rise; and the muscles of the chest and neck stay still.

Breathing this way will give you more energy, relaxation, and happiness.

Breathing Prompts

On this video I also talk about a simple technique that easily brings many more deep breaths into your every day. The dot-reminder system gives you a free deep-breathing practice everyday.

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To see a larger version of this video, go to YouTube.

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  1. Roger Conner said,

    January 27, 2012 @ 9:37 pm

    This is a great short path to a long journey. Nice job; keep it up.

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