Yang Style Taiji Class in November

My Taiji and Xin Yi teacher Bob Lau is will be teaching Yang Style Taiji (Tai chi) once a week beginning in November. Of the several major styles of Taiji, Yang style is the most well-known, with it’s slow, flowing moves. Several studies have shown Taiji like this to be an excellent training for significantly decreasing falls in seniors and increasing organ health for everyone.

Here is his email

“Hi everyone,

By special request, I will start teaching Yang Style Tai Chi at the Firehouse Performing Arts Center on Mondays, beginning Monday Nov 2, 2009. Class time will be starting at 10:45AM and will be a 1 hour class. The cost of the class will be $45/month.

I hope to see you all there.

Questions: email me [boblautaiji@yahoo.com]or call 360-734-2847

Bob Lau”

p.s. Bob is a down-to-earth personable teacher with a great deal of knowledge and skill in the important healing aspects of the internal martial arts. I recommend him highly.

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