Qigong Workshops Offered

Here is basic list of Qigong Workshops that I offer. Click the hyperlink to get the 20-page PDF document of more detailed descriptions of each workshop listed below.

  • Five Flows Qigong Set: Two-hour workshop
  • Qigong to Prevent Colds and Flu: Two or four-hour workshop
  • The Delightful Dozen: Four-hour workshop
  • Healthy Joint Qigong: Two, four, or six-hour workshop
  • Empower Your Breathing: Four-hour workshop
  • Six Healing Sounds with Color Radiation: Four-hour workshop
  • Qigong Self-Massage: Two or four-hour workshop
  • Swimming Dragon: Four-hour Workshop
  • Taiji Qigong (Tai Chi Chi Kung): Four-hour workshop
  • Chakra Tuning and Auric Butterfly: Four-hour workshop
  • Five Animal Frolics Qigong: Two or four-hour workshop
  • 36-Movement Snake Qigong Set: Taught in a pair of four-hour workshops
  • Introduction to Medical Qigong Therapy: One-day or two-day workshop

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