Qigong Sets

One way to look at Qigong practice is to ask if you are practicing in Single exercises, Sets of exercises or with Sequenced forms. In this post I talk about Sets.


Sets are collections of exercises that have a particular theme. Each exercise is practiced several to many times as a drill. A Qigong Set is an organized collection of exercises that you practice in order, doing so many of each exercise before going to the next. A Set is not a hodge podge, but is put together with particular training goals in mind.

The Five Flows Qigong is an example of a Set. It is designed to teach basic principles of Qigong while taking you through 2 successive movements to build health.


One famous Set is called Shibashi (also known as Tai Chi Qigong.) Shibashi has 18 movements adapted from the moves of Tai Chi Chuan. Shibashi–and Shibashi 2 and 3—are modern sets, put together recently.

Eight Brocades

A much older and famous set—one with many versions—is the Eight Brocades—just 8 exercises, often used as a warm-up in classes.

Snake Qigong

Snake Qigong is a Set I learned from Jang Jie in 1995. Intricately designed, it contains 36 different moves, separated into ten sections.

An example of a Set designed to develop flexibility in the joints is another 18 movement set called Wuji Hundun Qigong. There are also meditation Sets, standing Sets, and many more permutations.

This is just a small, overview sample. There are thousands of Sets out there.

Benefits of Set Practice

One of the benefits of a Set is that it is easier to remember a number of exercises when they are so organized.

Another advantage of practicing a Set is that each exercise tends to support the effects of the other exercises.

Sets usually have a balanced number of movements on the left and right sides.

In my next post I will talk about Sequences.

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  1. Beth Hugh said,

    April 27, 2010 @ 5:21 pm

    Enjoy yur videos. Years ago I studied Snake with Zhang Jie – but would like to remind myself of the form. Are there any printed / video forms of Snake available. Beth Hugh

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