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“First 64” Workshop in June

Wild Goose Qigong: “The First 64” Form

When: Saturday, June 11 and Sunday 12, 2011

-and- Saturday, June 25, 2011

Time: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm each day

Cost: $195 for the first two days. Retake: $100

             $95 for the third day. Retake: $50

(We will practice the sequence more slowly than I performed on the YouTube video.)

First 64 workshop flyer with Robert 2011

The workshop fee includes a DVD of the form and a detailed handout of the 64 exercises.

Please bring lunches for each day and note-taking materials.

The Power of the Wild Goose

Wild Goose Qigong exercises are Chinese longevity exercises that originated centuries ago in the Kunlun mountains of China. Wild Goose Qigong is widely practiced in China today. The exercises represent the daily routine of a wild goose—a bird of longevity and high energy—and are effective at helping treat disease, increase energy, improve mental clarity and brain functions, and maintain fitness.

The Fabulous, Famous, Fantastic “First 64”

The “First 64” is the most well known form of the Wild Goose system, and usually the one first taught. It consists of 64 named moves that are performed in succession along a specific stepping pattern, much like a Tai Chi form is done. Each of the moves has particular benefits for health, wellness, and healing. The movements flow together in a beautiful active tapestry. The “First 64” is a lot of fun to practice and has many unexpected and unusual moves. The form includes turning, twisting, stretching, leg strengthening, balance building, and spinal strengthening. There are moves to eliminate old, stuck and toxic energy from your body and fill yourself with fresh new energy.


Six Healing Sounds for Healthy Organs

Note: Amidst the text below is an audio recording of these Six Healing Sounds.

The Six Healing Sounds are used for clearing, releasing, and purging the internal organs and other tissues of bad, surplus or stagnant Qi. These specific tones clear out blocks and excesses, release negative emotions, and purge toxic Qi from each organ. It is important to clear your organs of excess Qi and toxic Qi, before adding in fresh Qi.

The 5 plus 1 organs of this set are the Yin organs of Chinese medical theory. Each of these organs is thought to be a master organ that controls several other organs, systems, and functions in the body. By working on each of these organs, the whole body is helped.

There are many versions of healing sounds in Qigong, including the Old Man…” exercise for healing emotional issues. The tones I include here work very well for clearing those physiological stagnations that lead to low energy and other symptoms. The most important aspect of performing healing sounds is to feel the sound affecting the target organ, to feel a vibration that is shaking loose energetic and emotional debris.

Visualize the Target Organ

It is useful to gain a visual understanding of each of the 5 main internal organs by consulting a good anatomy book, or just finding each organ on a search engine. I recommend Atlas of Human Anatomy by Frank H. Netter, M.D. It is not only the clearest collection of anatomy renderings I have seen, but also a moving collection of artful paintings of the complex interior of human beings.   

As you perform each sound, lightly intend for old, stuck, icky Qi to be released from that organ. As you feel the vibrations, you might visualize a mist leaving the organ and out of your body.

Try to practice with your eyes open. If you are too inwardly focused, then the Qi has a difficult time leaving your body—it stays where your mind is focused.


I good way to practice this short set is to perform each healing sound and movement in order for about 5 reps: Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lungs, Kidneys, whole body. Travel through the set for a total of three rounds.

Below is the version we are currently practicing in our classes:

An MP3 Recording of the 6 Healing Sounds

To get a sense of what the various tones actually sound like, I recorded this five minute audio recording in a Qigong class.

6 healing sounds

Sound #1: Liver

Intertwine palms over the head, lean to the left to release the weight off the Liver, push the palms upward, facing upward, and make the foghorn-like descending sound “Shuuu—uuuu.” You are releasing the energy of such emotions as anger, grumpiness, and irritation, leaving you feeling at ease in your body and your life.

You are releasing excess, toxic or hot Liver Qi in three ways:

1. Gently pressing the right leg into the ground helps the old Qi flow down the outside of the right leg into the earth. This utilizes the companion pathway of the Liver meridian, the Gallbladder meridian.

2. Express old and bad Qi out of your mouth (with all of the sounds exhaling from the mouth is part of the releasing.)

3. Visualize and sense a releasing of a mist leaving out of your right side, where the Liver is located just under the ribs.

The Liver represents and oversees the Wood Elemental Energies of the body. A smooth-functioning Liver results in feelings of well-being, and the free and easy Qi flow in the body.

Sound #2: Heart

Inhale as you bring your fingers to touch your sternum. Exhale or sing a long, sighing, descending (from high to low tone) “Haaaaa” as you expand your arms outward and down. Open the fingers at the end of the movement and perform a pelvic tilt. You are releasing anxiety, heart tensions and hard-heartedness.

You are releasing Heart Qi in three simultaneous ways:

1. Opening the arms and fingers out to the sides as you lower them, allows dammed Heart Qi and emotions to travel out of the limbs. Often people tend to hold tension in the arms blocking the natural pathway of excess heart energy. Be sure to roll the fingers open at the end of the move to release the old Qi into the earth.

2. The sound vibrates excess and stuck energy and emotions in the Heart so you can release through the mouth with the toning.

3. Smoothly dropping into a pelvic tilt allows some of the excess Heart Qi to root into the lower abdominal energy center (the Lower Dantian).

The Heart represents and oversees the Fire Elemental Energies of the body. A smooth-functioning Heart results in more order in your life.

Sound #3: Spleen

(Including Pancreas/Digestive System)

Inhale as you bring your palms to face the left upper quadrant of your abdomen. Connect energetically and with your mind to the stomach, pancreas, and Spleen. Now turn the palms to face downwards. Push the old Qi of the digestive area (left upper quadrant of the abdomen) into the earth with the palms as you exhale a deep, droning, digideroo-like “Whooo.” Push down to the left/front. Try to feel the old Qi entering deep into, and being accepted by the earth.

The Spleen represents and oversees the Earth Elemental Energies of the body. A smooth-functioning Spleen energy results in better digestion, stronger immunity, strong internal organs and more trust in the course of your life.

Sound #4: Lungs

Inhale as you bring your palms to face your Lungs, opening the upper back. Unbend the elbows horizontally from the chest to the sides, stretching the thumbs (which are the ends of the lung meridians) and exhale the sound “SSSSSS….” You are breathing out excess cool dryness, smoky exhaust, sadness and grief.

With this movements connect to the Lungs and open the front of the chest. The arms extend out of the chest movement, with the fingers extending at the end. Feel like you are opening your chest like two cupboard doors. This movement is about getting a sense of the lungs opening the arms, rather than the arms just expanding out.

The Lungs represent and oversees the Metal Elemental Energies of the body. Smooth-functioning lungs result in more confidence and uprightness, as well as alleviation of sinus and breathing issues.

Sound #5: Kidneys

Inhale as you bend at the waist and place your palms on your knees; connect energetically and consciously with your Kidneys, while gently pushing the low back backward. Exhale fear, coldness, and tiredness with the sound “Chreeee.” This high, almost nasal, sound should end in an ear-tingling sensation

According to Chinese medicine, the knees are connected to the Kidneys. Palming the knees engages the Kidney energies.

Rounding the back in this pose opens the Kidneys and Gate of Life.

The Kidneys represent and oversee the Water Elemental Energies of the body. Smooth-functioning Kidneys result in more energy, warmer hands and feet, better brain function, and better sleep.

Sound #6: Whole Body Cellular Cleansing

This is a general clearer and balancer of both Qi and excess heat.

To begin, inhale as you raise arms above your head. Bring the palms to face down over the top of your head. 

Lower your arms in front of your body, cleansing your cells, tissues, organs and intercellular spaces with clear Qi and the tone “Sheeee.” This tone will start in the high range and descend smoothly to a very low base at the feet. It is like you are squegeeing the old, murky, dirty Qi from your cells, leaving them bright and shiny.

The key to this movement is to send thought and heat down, down, down, to the feet, feet, feet and into the ground, ground, ground. Send head Qi and excess risen energy down through the feet into the ground. Developing clearing and redirecting ability with your Qi is crucial in dealing with many syndromes, such as headaches, stress, neck tension, heart tension and hot flashes. I give more instruction for this exercise on this video:


Loud, Moderate, or Quiet

With healing sounds, you can make them loud, moderately quiet or aspirated. The aspirated sounds are very quiet and good for doing the healing sounds in public spaces like parks or for keeping your family in the other room from laughing at you. The loud sounds foster the most release on a gross, physical level. The softer the sounds the more energetic and neurological the changes are, with more long-term results.

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