Four-Part Protection Process

A Meditation and Medical Qigong Method for staying sane and clear in an insane world.



Sun-like power in your center


Feet sunk deep into the ground


Full, flowing river in your orbit


Strong purple aura all around


The Four-Part Protection Process is a quick and effective way to protect yourself from chaos and excess energies around you. People who are sensitive, intuitive, introspective, quietly artistic, and tired out by the wild ways of the world need to do these kind of practices to stay energetically and emotionally safe and whole. I first put this set together for a nutritionist who sometimes had to attend a booth at multi-day health fairs (which are fairly unhealthy.) She was able to stay clear and energized for all three days.

Practice First

Practice the process as a meditation to build your ability with the skill. Then turn it on when you are in places of intensities and chaos. You have to practice in order to keep all four energies activated when you need them to be.

1. Sun-like power in your center

The Lower Dantian is the center of personal solar system. It is the geographical center of your body. Keep the sunlight (in yellow, orange or red) alive, pulsing, full and beaming to all parts of your internal self.

2. Feet sunk deep into the ground

Root into the earth to ground the excess Qi that might get stuck in your body. Let your weight sink and your Qi grow deep roots beneath your feet. You will be more physically and psychically stable. Stay rooted as you walk.

3. Full, flowing river in your orbit

The Microcosmic Orbit (MCO) is the flow of Qi that comes from connecting your Governor and Conception Vessels. It is a thin, central stream of energy that rises up the spine, travels over the head and down the front of the body. It is important to come up the spine and down the front. (Do no reverse this direction of flow unless you are ready and really know what you are doing.) Tip of the tongue is on the root of the mouth and the perineum is slightly, gently, closed.

Streaming this internal orbit at a speed of at least one cycle per second will help keep your internal energies circulating while protecting you from the entrance of unwanted outside forces.

4. Strong purple aura all around

Purple is a powerful, protective color. Intend your energetic egg, your Wei Qi field around your body, to be of thick purple Qi. An inch or more in thickness helps keep the tendrils and spit wads of inimical energies from entering and engulfing your body.

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