Teaching Qigong is Learning Qigong

One of the beautiful results of teaching Qigong and Taiji classes is that the classes themselves teach me. Every week I am learning new aspects of these seemingly boundless arts with new secrets being presented to me. In the very teaching of them, ideas and new understandings arise. This happens as a natural process of fully engaging with the movements, the philosophies, and especially the students, teachers, and colleagues I practice with. Day, by day and week by week, I am learning just by doing with focus, presence and openness.
This week I have a new understanding of rooting Heart Qi into the Lower Dantian. This is something I have long been familiar with, but, in the exercise Blending Fire and Water, I got a subtler sense of working it, of the gentle pressing of the lowering hand to take the heat out of the Heart and center it lower, within the blending.
I also got a better sense this week of how sinking Qi into the earth opens a flow that can help draw in Qi from the outside deeper into the body. This vacuum effect take less effort than just pushing or pressing or grabbing Qi alone.
I used to believe I could mass-absorb information to gain skills. Now I know that the path to mastery is a day-by-day unfolding that cannot be forced, cannot be hastened with over-eagerness, super-earnestness, or manic enthusiasm. Learning and growing are natural processes that follow natural cycles. And it is the step-by-step of it that is so enjoyable. The rewards are in the doing, not in the eventual getting there on some mountaintop of mastery, some pivotal point of personal power.
I have also learned that it is the interactions I have, and the relationships I build, that add the most value to my life. Gaining skill and knowledge is important, and important to me. Having shared experiences and gaining good friends to play with are even better. The skills and knowledge of Qigong and Taiji are a great pathway of growth; but even more, they are a medium for learning, growth, and relating.

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