The Profound Principle of Modifying

A Little Exercise Can Go a Long Way

Take it Easy

One of the great things about Qigong is that it is adaptable for just about any person who wants to practice it. The basic rule with Qigong is to take it easy, to practice in a way and at a pace that is appropriate for you. Undo the modern demand of the Western world to overdo. Practice in a manner that is free and easy.

Modify to Make it Doable

The first principle of Qigong is to practice, preferably daily. The second principle of Qigong is to modify the exercises as needed. Never force a movement in your practice. Don’t take it to the edge of your ability. Don’t stretch or reach or bend or step farther than is comfortable. Learn to do the practices as effortlessly as you can. Make it work for where you are on any given day without adding strain, pain, or stress to your body. This is an approach of smallness and ease, rather than largeness and push. It is a foundation of relaxation. This is how you set in motion the healing of your body, inside and out. When you push too hard, your body tenses up. Workout tension is the antithesis of wellness. It leads to hellness, instead of wellness.

Make it Smaller and Make it Easier

The principle of modifying is both amazing and effective. By using this principle you can practice Qigong and make progress in your current health, no matter what owies you have going on in your body. Qigong can thus be practiced by people of all ages and of all manner of health levels.

It is Effective

It works likes this: If you are unable to perform a particular move because it takes more strength than you have; or you don’t quite have the breath for it; or it causes you pain to do it; just shrink the parameters of the movement. Put simply, make it smaller and make it easier. Simply by putting your body, mind and breath into motion, you improve your health because life is about movement. Life is motion, health is movement, and any gentle moving helps.

Dial Up Your Healing

By moving gently, you turn up the dial on your healing. As you would turn up the thermostat in your house to get warmer, you turn up your healo-stat by practicing Qigong. With gentle Qigong so many healing parameters are activated and enhanced. Your many internal systems function better to clear, engage, balance and enliven all aspects of your being.

Examples of Modifying

  • If standing hurts, or you cannot stand, practice while sitting down.
  • If bending the knees causes wincing, bend them less.
  • If raising the arms above the head hurts, raise the arms only as high as you can do so with ease.
  • If you are tired, do less exercise itself and get some rest.
  • If a fast move hurts, slow it down.
  • If a stretch causes alarm, don’t stretch so far.
  • If a practice leaves you sore, do less next time.
  • If a long step causes you to wince, take a shorter step.

Practice Easily to Relax Maximally

The pragmatic principle here is that by practicing within your limits with the relaxing, body-balancing exercises of Qigong, you will begin to heal and strengthen from the inside out. Move within your outer limit of easy motion. You will, after practicing this way, begin to expand that circumference. The outer limit will expand and you will be able to do more, still at ease.

Gain More by Doing Less

The principle of modifying means this art of Qigong is one of the safest practices you can engage in. On any day, by practicing Qigong with awareness and appropriateness, you will almost always be better off than you otherwise were. You get more out of it by doing less. To meet current abilities (current to that day) means you can almost always practice and get some benefit from it



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