Waves of Art, Art of Waves

There are many good reasons to travel. One reason is to refine your views of life by seeing the new and seeing anew. Another is to get re-inspired; to go home with renewed vigor for creation and living well. Refreshment and relaxation are important aspects of vacations, though not always as prominent as they could be. Another good reason to travel to new places is to be reminded of what you know but haven’t thought about enough or lived enough lately.

Visiting places of beauty— whether natural or manmade—are on the top of my list of places to visit. Being around the beautiful and bountiful speaks to deep parts of myself, ancient wisdoms, subtle whispering that I do well to listen to.

In the Allerton Garden in Kauai is a water feature I recommend visiting. I was just there on a tour of these gardens on the island’s southern coast. It is situated in a magnificent little valley opening into the ocean. There are many lovely outdoor garden rooms, sculptures, trees, plants, waterfalls, pools, flowers, and vistas. For instance there are some stupendous ficus trees that were used in the movie Jurassic Park.

Pulsing Flow Water Feature

Pulsing Flow Water Feature

My favorite portion of the garden is the wave form water feature. This water sculpture is a long line of a structure that has an inner and outer shape of double undulations. The water flows through these wave shapes via a barely perceptible slope from a circular pool on one end to a circular catchment pool on the other end. Because of the beaded shape, the water pulses through, rather than rushing straight down. The set of double undulations that contain the water, manage its flow. When water comes to the end of the 127-foot long stream, the pulsations of the water pour into a basin in discrete amounts, creating audible beats. This slow, regular pulse is about 52 beats per minute. To be near it is mesmerizing, relaxing, wonderful. It entrances. It quiets the mind, soothes the spirit, and strengthens the inner senses.

It is a water massage of the body, mind and spirit.

There at the garden, I wondered how I could get one of these in my backyard.

To see a photo of this feature, go to Google images and enter “Allerton Garden Mermaid Fountain”.

In such blendings of art and nature, of science and spirit, of flow and directionality that we can access what it means to be more fully in tune with the power, presence and potential of our reality.

Being near the waveform sculpture reminds of Qigong and Taiji movements with their slow, wavelike rhythms of movements and breathing. These movements are the structure that entrain and train your physiology and psychology. They balance the flows of nerve pathways, lymph pathways, blood circulation. The fluid flows become strongly entwined, whole, regular, pulsating. This brings about a delightful inner peace, satisfaction, quiet joy.

In your own backyard, so to speak (your body), you have such water features. You have organic metronomes that can bring you home. The focused focused, slow movement expands the production and interconnectedness of your cells, systems, waters, electricity, magnetism. You can connect to the resonance and microcosm of nature’s power. Through the constructed and evolved arts of Qigong or Taiji you can open to the great river flows of possibility that already flow through you, informing and impassioning you.

I think that the 52 beats a minute rhythm connects to some ideal, at-ease, heart beat within a person. This brings a calmness and connection to many parts of the body at different speeds. It just starts with that one slow heart speed. It is one doorway to the great collections of rhythms that make up your being. Opening that one door, other rooms become affected.

Qigong can be thought of as the Art of Waves. You move in slow frequencies that tune you into the natures rhythms.

Repeated waves of movement wash away the stones, smooth out the rough spots, move and endlessly continue to move all in its repeated path. Thus the rough and jagged becomes smooth and soft. Thus life flows better.



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