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The Art and Skill of Modifying Qigong

Qigong is the art and skill of working with the body, breath, mind, and subtle energies to attain health, vitality and longevity. A good Qigong practice is best if it is pleasant, energizing, fulfilling, interesting.

For some people, even the simple moves of basic Qigong can be too much for them. Perhaps because of an injury or chronic problem, they can’t lift a shoulder, or turn an elbow. Or standing up to practice may be overwhelming. Or maybe they are so tired they can’t put much thinking energy, much mental focus on even slightly involved movements. The light exercises that are fairly easy to learn are yet too much to perform. In such cases, self-healing Qigong can be modified to even simpler, easier formations. They can still benefit from practicing some Qigong. Qigong, properly approached will give them gifts of healing so they can get past their pain, tiredness, confusion, recent illness, or recent trauma.

Such a modifying is the main idea behind Super Gentle Qigong. It is a short set that offers movements most anyone can do.

Modifying: Making a movement doable by shrinking it down to just the right size. A movement that is difficult to do because it hurts to do it, there is a physical inability to do it, or it is too complex to understand should be modified. It can be made more gentle, slowed down, made smaller, done with less reach or bend, or generally simplified.


Modifying is a powerful tool of training for several reasons. For one thing, if a move hurts, you don’t gain deep healing benefit from it because you tense up. Modifying it to make it doable without pain promotes the internal relaxation that causes healing. By modifying in this way a person will probably heal some of the hurt and be able to do more as the days and weeks heal by. If a move causes involuntary tension in any way it is best to simplify, slow and smallify it. Tension constricts and restricts. Relaxation conducts and constructs. Doing a movement that hurts a bunch is just enlarging a problem, not healing it. It takes relaxed muscles and connective tissues to open the flows of fluids and electromagnetic energies. To enhance the healing forces, do less to get more.


If a movement is complex beyond a student’s understanding of it, then strenuously attempting it is more an act of willpower than a performance of a healing action in present time. It results more in frustration than delectation. Learning and using Qigong for self-healing works best if done step-by-step. Add depth over time as each level of ability is attained. Build complexity slowly, if it all. Complexity has color, nuance, verve, beauty. It is fun, when it is built up on a foundation of accrued skill and understanding. It is frustrating and of little benefit when a person starts there.


You can take this practice approach and apply it to many an activity. You do this by altering a movement it until it is usable for wherever you are in your health. It is to be in real time with a clear awareness of your current abilities. Any time you force something you create tension in your body, mind, emotions and spirit. By taking a moment to observe and shift a movement ease-ward, and slowing it down to its essential aspects, you enter into a realm of relaxation.

Don’t go too far, too fast, or too rigorously when your aim is for bodily healing. Drop down into first gear to navigate the bumps in the road. Enjoy the scenery and eliminate the stress of pushing. The very gentle approach brings soothing softness.


If you know of a Qigong set already that is just on the other side of conformable for you to do, then go ahead and modify it to your healthful, relaxed level of expression. Modify each movement by slowing it down, simplify, make it easier and smaller until it doesn’t hurt to do it. This activates and enhances healing forces in your body. You practice will become more enjoyable and be a foundation for rebuilding your health and presence of mind.

Super Gentle Qigong Set

The Super Gentle Qigong set that I teach has only 8 movements (plus an optional, extra ninth one) so it is easy to remember.

I created the Super Gentle Qigong set for seniors as a highly accessible way to get some of the great healing benefits of Qigong. I had noticed that a number of my healing clients and Qigong students couldn’t’ do many of the gentle exercises I was teaching them. So I started evolving an even more gentle approach, simplifying and making easier and easier until I reached a foundation of Qi flow in a balanced, doable set. This is highly accessible healing.

Besides people in their later years, Super Gentle Qigong is also an excellent practice for those new to Qigong, people recovering for surgery or serious trauma, and people with other physical issues, whether from injury, arthritis, chronic pain, long-term illness, or mobility issues.

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Key Results from Super Gentle Qigong

  • Easier breathing
  • More energy
  • Stress relief
  • Improved lymph flow
  • Better disease resistance
  • A sense of greater peace and inner ease
  • A balancing of the four neurological polarities of the body

 Super-Gentle Qigong Emphasizes

  • Hand and arm motions
  • Slow motions
  • Synchronizing breath with the movement of the hands and arms
  • Simple, non-Oriental, non-philosophical, non-technical terms
  • Smooth movement
  • Equal speed of movement in both directions
  • Relaxation

Key Lessons for all the Movements

  • Belly Breathing
  • Equal Breathing (inhale and exhale the same rate)
  • Synchronize breathing with movements
  • No muscle force
  • Feel and sense all of your body
  • Good vertical posture (if sitting or standing)

Standing, Seated, or LyingEach movement can be done seated or standing, or even lying down (except for #7).

Practice each movement until you sense shifts in your body with it, maybe 12 to 20 reps.

Two Subsets of FourThe eight simple maneuvers of Super Gentle Qigong can be viewed in two general categories of four movements each.

The First Four Movements: Digestion of Qi

The first four movements enhance your ability to take in, assimilate and eliminate energy. These four exercises generally help with digestion by balancing what is known as the Triple Burner in Chinese Medicine; whether that be of food, air, liquids, experiences or emotions.

These movements are:

  1. Rub Around the Belly Button. By brushing your palm clockwise around your central abdomen you help peristalsis in the stomach and small intestine; as well as clearing tensions and stagnations.
  2. Rub Around the Outer Belly. By brushing counterclockwise in a larger circle you enhance the peristalsis of the large intestine as well as clearing tensions and stagnations.
  3. Belly Breathing. Putting your hands on your belly, practice the foundation of all breathing, and all health methods.
  4. Hands Up and Down. Open the inner abdomen and chest to enhance full digestion of food, water, oxygen, energy, emotions and experiences. Separate the pure from the impure, internally.

Next Four Movements: The Four Polarities

Exercises 5-8 help to align and balance the four polarities of your body. You become more in electromagnetic and neurological balance between up and down, front and back, left and right, and inside and outside. Becoming more whole and less fragmented is the pathway to greater healing. Your body will be better able to heal your known (and unknown) tensions, troubles, and traumas. The next four movements are:

  1. Turn Hands Over. By turning the palms to face upward, then downward, you encourage a flow of energy upward and downward; and a balancing of the vertical polarity.
  2. Forward and Backward Rocking. Rocking the body forward and backward draws energy through the body from the front and the back, clearing and balances. It also balances the front and the back polarity.
  3. Rotating Palms (Sideways Rocking). This balances the left and right sides with each other.
  4. Open and Close Palms. Expanding and compressing the hands helps balances the inside of the body with the outside of the body while charging and building healthful energy in the palms.

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