Fifth Flow Exercises


Finish with an internalizing of the practice, a Yin time.
To center is to bring in, store, and assimilate the Qi you have been working with. Centering also means to focus your energy and consciousness in the geographic center of the body. In Qigong terms, this center is called the Dantian, a word I explain in the lesson for exercise #6, Charging the Center.
⌂    Centering is like a mountain lake that has become still, calm, soothing and quiet.

Fifth Flow Exercises

11. Centering the Qi. 6-12 reps.

Movement: Reach up and out, then lower the hands, gathering energy to the lower energy center.

Purpose: Guides energy to the body’s center to store for later use.

Main Qigong Principle: Guide the Qi back to the center.

12. Nurturing the Qi. 6-12 Breaths.

Movement: Hands and mind on the lower energy center with eyes closed.

Purpose: Lets the healing changes from practice sink into your being.

Main Qigong Principle: Balance activity with quiescence.