#11: Centering the Qi

General Description

Recommended Repetitions: 3 to 6 or more. Finish every practice by guiding Qi back to the dantian.
Movement: Reach up and out, then lower the hands, gathering energy to the Dantian
Main Purpose: Guides energy to the body’s center to store for later use.
Main Qigong Principle: Guides energy to the body’s center to store for later use.

Description of the Movements

Breathing in, raise your arms to the sides until they are overhead with palms facing down. Exhale as you draw your palms down the front of your head and torso until they come to rest briefly in front of the Dantian in the central lower belly. The hands do not touch the Dantian.

Modifying the Exercise

Smaller Motions
As always, smaller motions are the remedy for pain. If big arm motions hurt, do little motions. Reap deeply received body benefits by doing movements that are easy, relaxed, whole and appropriately-sized.

Some Qigong authorities recommend that menstruating or pregnant women should not bring energy into the Dantian (lower energy center.) The hypothesis is that the Qi will leak out with the menstrual fluid. If you are on your period or pregnant, I  suggest you check this out for yourself. If you feels this is true for you, no problem. Instead, draw the energy to the Kidneys. The arm movements are pretty much the same; the focus is different.

Mental Focus

Put most of your focus on the Dantian–perhaps 80 percent of your focus. The rest of the focus is on the sphere of Qi in and around you. Intend to collect extra Qi with your palms and guide it to the Dantian. Imagine the outer Qi moving toward and into your Dantian.

Energetic Movements

Qi Streams toward your center. Qi in your energy field, your body and your consciousness all stream toward and into the Dantian. It is like the Dantian is a magnet that pulls all this free energy into it.

Discussion of Centering the Qi

At the end of each Qigong session, make certain to bring your dispersed energy back to the dantian. This is very important. You don’t want your energy stuck up in your head or heart, as this can cause scatteredness and emotional problems—even Qi psychosis could result.

Raise the arms to the sides

Raise the arms to the sides

Draw the Qi to the center

Draw the Qi to the center

Guide the Qi into the center

Guide the Qi into the center