#12: Nurturing the Qi

General Description

Recommended Repetitions: 6 to 12 breaths, or more
Movement: Hands and mind are on the lower energy center. Eyes are closed.
Main Purpose: Lets the healing changes from practice sink into your being.
Main Qigong Principle: Balance activity with quiescence. The necessary quiet after activity that calms your inner being down.

Description of the Physical Movements

Lightly place your hands, one over the other, on the lower abdomen. It doesn’t’ especially matter which hand is on top, though I like to have my hands in the opposite position as on #6, Charging the Center. The hand closest to the torso—the one touching the torso—is placed so that the thumb just touches the belly button. The thumb on the belly button is a guide so you know you are in the right spot. The fingers are relaxed and slightly open. Close your eyes. For a number of breaths, hold your hands over the Lower Dantian and breathe easily.
Finish by opening your eyes slowly. Notice your surroundings. Gently let your hands slip to the sides of your body. Go about your day feeling more centered, relaxed, energized and happy.

Modifying the Exercise

Some Qigong authorities recommend that menstruating or pregnant women should not store or charge energy in the Dantian (lower energy center.) If you are on your period or pregnant, I  suggest you check this out for yourself. If you feels this is true for you, no problem. Instead, store the energy in the Kidneys. Simply place your hands on the back, covering the Kidneys, and absorb and root there. Your Kidneys will thank you.

Mental Focus

Focus on and in the Dantian, as if it is the center of your being (which it is.) Quiet the mind.

Energetic Movements

Keep your energy in the Dantian. Feel wisps and tufts and tendrils of extra energy in your body being gently drawn to the lower abdomen and absorbed into and blending with the Dantian.

Discussion of Nurturing the Qi

Nurturing the Qi is a soft approach to gathering and building energy in the lower dantian. Earlier in the set, you practiced a more active method with Charging the Dantian. Nurturing the Qi also charges the Dantian, but in a more Yin way. It is quieter, all internal in focus, and there is no outer movement.

Allow some quiet time to absorb

Allow some quiet time to absorb