First Flow Exercises


Warm-up your body.
Warm-ups are a way to transition from your regular day into a practice mode. Warm-ups in Qigong prepare the body by loosening the joints, relaxing muscles, softening connective tissue tension, getting blood flowing and getting you into the mindset of a practice session.
⌂    Warming up is like the coming of warmth in the spring breaking the ice on a mountain lake.

The First flow of the Five Flows we play with in the Five Flows Qigong set–first set–is the flow of warming up. In other words, we get the body, mind, emotions and spirit moving. We shift into practice and let the rest of our dialy concerns go by. we put them down for  a little while. later, when we pick them up again, we almost always find these concerns easier to deal with. As we transition into practice, we increae the blood flow in our veins and arteries and their little brothers and sisters of small size. we wake up the muscles some, and the joints. the enhance flow of lymph fluid is initiated.

1) Shaking the Body. 1-2 minutes.

Movement: Bounce up and down.

Purpose: Releases tension.

Main Qigong Principle: Think less and feel more.

2) Turning the Waist. 30 seconds to 1 minute.

Movement: Turn the torso left and right.

Purpose: Opens the waist.

Main Qigong Principle: Turn the torso with the waist.

3) Waking the Breath. 6-12 reps.

Movement: Inhale raising straight arms high; exhale lowering straight arms to the sides.

Purpose: Deepens breathing.

Main Qigong Principle: Coordinate breath with movement.

Warm up to melt the ice of tension

Warm up to melt the ice of tension