#1: Shaking the Body

Five Flows Exercise #1

General Description

Recommended Time: 1-2 minutes, or many more 

Release tension by relaxing the muscles and other tissues of the body. Open the joints, gently bounce the organs, detoxify every cell.
Bounce up and down.
Main Purpose:
Releases tension in every part of the body.
Main Qigong Principle:
Less thinking and more being in your body leads to health. 

Description of Physical Movements

To begin, stand in a shoulder-width stance. Start the movement from the bottom of your feet—not your ankles (you want to stand on the ground, not on “your own two feet.”) Shake in an up-and down-motion. Be gentle. Breathe freely and fully. The arms can be either hung loose or actively shaken in concert with the rest of the body. Shake for a minute to several minutes. Finish the exercise by making the motions smaller and smaller until they are physically imperceptible. Then be still and feel the continuing internal vibrations. You will feel warm, tingly, and open with increased blood and Qi flow. 


Shake up and down

Let the Earth shake you

Let the Earth shake you

Shaking is Relaxing
Shaking is Relaxing

Modifying the Exercise

Find just the right speed and intensity of shaking for you. If you shake to hard or too fast, it might tense you up. If you don’t shake with enough movement, it won’t relax your body and warm you up as well. If anything at all hurts with the shaking, find a way to shake easier, smaller.

Mental Focus

Imagine the cells of your body opening and releasing old, used up energy to be washed into the ground. Visualize this cellular cleansing while intending a downward energy flow. As you shake, old, stagnant, or toxic Qi will sink into the ground, like rainwater washing dust off a tree. Let the space between your cells expand. 

Energetic Focus

Sense your energy field begin to brighten and strengthen in intensity. 

Discussion of Shaking the Body

Let go of the stresses of the day by shaking them out. Release tensions and revive yourself. Shaking seems simple (and is) but is actually a powerful, effective Qigong technique. It relaxes and warms all of the muscles, organs, joints and fascia of the body and even the multitudes of  cells of your body. Whole-body shaking is an excellent way to exercise and detoxify every cell of the body. Besides being an effective warm-up, Shaking the Body can make bone marrow strong, strengthen the spine, and support the kidneys and adrenal glands. In fact, every organ and tube in the body is enhanced by Shaking the Body. Lymph flow is enhanced so that more gunk is cleared out and your immune function improved. Blood flow increases and hormonal secretions will benefit your skin. Bouncing up and down like this also adjusts the magnetic field, organizing and balancing it. Shaking can strengthen cells through the quick, extra force each shake places on the cells. It adds a sudden dollop of extra-gravitational force, creating a need for all of the cells to buck up. It can help sagging tissues regain or hold their tonicity.