Fourth Flow Exercises

Qigong Balancing

Balance your body and energy.
Qigong balancing is mixing, merging, and smoothing the Qi in your body. You blend the Yin and Yang energy in any given area of the body, or in all parts of the body, so that everything is at a relaxed yet dynamic equilibrium. Qi (and everything else) flows in and out of the body, and within the body, in flowing balance.
⌂    Balancing is like the waters of a mountain lake blending together and reaching a beautiful poise. Water flows in and out in equilibrium.

Fourth Flow Exercises

9. Streaming the Fountains. 6-12 reps each way.

Movement: Bring Earth energy up the inside column of the body and down the outside orb in a fountain. Reverse the directions for Heaven energy.

Purpose: Energizes and balances your body between Earth and Heaven.

Main Qigong Principle: Keep hips, knees and ankles centered and lined up.

10. Riding the Waves. 12-24 reps.

Movement: Raise arms up and down, pelvic tilting on the down.

Purpose: Balances the energy flow vertically in the body.

Main Qigong Principle: Move with the lymph rhythm.