Second Flow Exercises

Clear out tensions, toxicities and energy blockages.
The idea behind clearing is that the body is usually full of old, collected, toxic or stuck stuff that is getting in the way of a free flow of energy. It is important to purge the body of energetic and physical blocks before adding more Qi to the body. By opening blocks to flows, releasing energetic excess and purging energetic detritus (so-called bad Qi) you will be ready to take in more empowering energy, and attain healing in a balanced way.
⌂    Clearing is like a mountain lake flushing out dirt, dead particles, and old sluggish water. More water is leaving than coming in.

Second Flow Exercises

4. Outer Qi Shower. 1-2 times through the cycle.

Movement: Tap hands all over the body.

Purpose: Vibrates the dust loose.

Main Qigong Principle: Purge stagnations to improve Qi flow and health.

5. Inner Qi Shower. 6-12 reps.

Movement: Cleanse cells with descending hands and a vocally descending “Shee” tone.

Purpose: Clears the cells of sludge.

Main Qigong Principle: Use sound vibrations to clear the body of toxicity.